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Meet Griffin Glass by Judson Studios

Merging our legacy with new possibilities through technology, Griffin Glass represents Judson Studios' most recent venture into the architectural and art glass market.


Pushing the boundaries of glassmaking requires us to push the limits of innovation. With our group of in-house specialists and cutting-edge technology, we experiment with materials and implement new fabrication techniques.

Our Story

In 2022, Judson Studios acquired the assets of UltraGlas, Inc., then the world’s leading manufacturer of designed architectural and high performance glass. Adding to Judson’s deep experience in traditional stained glass and innovations in fused glass, the acquisition allowed Judson to expand its offerings to include laminated glass, enamel fired-in painting, sandblasting, etching, kiln carving, and more.

In an effort to further develop the possibilities of glass as a medium for art and design, in 2023, Judson Studios founded Griffin Glass, which specializes in utilizing innovative commercialmanufacturing capabilities and state-of-the-art processes to deliver high-performance glass products for the built environment.


Safety & Security

Our top priority is ensuring the well-being of our team and clients through rigorous safety protocols and secure practices.



We embrace an open-door policy to clients ranging from corporate entities to individuals, showcasing the journey from idea inception to final product.


Growth & Innovation 

Constantly seeking inspiration beyond our industry, we pioneer new methods in design and fabrication, advancing the possibilities of glassmaking.


Team Work

Collaboration is fundamental to our success with teamwork serving as the cornerstone of our operations and achievements.


Community Outreach

Actively engaged in art associations and clubs, we are proud contributors to our artistic community, fostering connections and sharing knowledge



Regardless of scale, meticulous care and attention to detail define our practice, ensuring excellence in every project we undertake.

Judson Studios

Judson Studios, America's oldest family-operated stained glass company, was founded in 1897 in Los Angeles by William Lees Judson and his sons. For over 125 years, led initially by stained glass expert Walter Horace Judson, the studio has designed, fabricated, restored, and installed numerous stained and fused glass projects across the U.S. and globally.


Now under fifth-generation president David Judson, the company has grown, incorporating advanced technology and innovative techniques, and collaborating with a wide range of artists on ambitious projects.

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