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Pagoda by James Jean


The Pagoda project represents the pinnacle of ambition for our team, boasting intricate detailing and groundbreaking architecture. After four years of intensive research and develo, it promises to be he most innovative glass artwork ever crafted.


Forest Lawn, Los Angeles, CA

Completion Year



James Jean



In-Depth Process

Through a meticulous digital workflow, we employ custom definitions and coding to faithfully translate James Jean's intricate drawings into tangible form. With seamless digital-to-physical transitions, we ensure accuracy and precision in every aspect of the design, minimizing errors along the way.

A mix of Craftsmanship and Technology

Our state-of-the-art tools and workflows complement the skill of our artists, blending CNC milling, waterjets, along with other  computer-controlled machinery, we elevate handmade artistry to unprecedented heights.

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