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Griffin Glass: Revolutionizing Architectural Glass with Heritage and Innovation

At Griffin Glass, the newest division of Judson Studios, we stand on the shoulders of a legacy that spans over 126 years of unmatched craftsmanship and artistry in glassmaking. This foundation propels us into new explorations of glass as a dynamic medium in design and architecture. Leveraging Judson Studios' pioneering spirit, we embrace advanced technologies and innovative processes to redefine the essence of glass in our built environments.

Beyond Conventional: Our Bespoke Glass Solutions

Griffin Glass is not just about creating glass elements; it's about crafting experiences. Our bespoke solutions—ranging from striking architectural features like dynamic facades and luminous surfaces to unique furniture pieces—bring a new dimension to both interior and exterior spaces. Our holistic approach, integrating design conceptualization with precise installation, embodies our dedication to quality, innovation, and realizing the distinct vision of our clients.

The Intersection of Technology and Craftsmanship

The synergy between technology and craftsmanship at Griffin Glass enables unparalleled customization. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies and refined in-house workflows, we address the unique challenges of contemporary architecture. This integration enhances the aesthetic appeal and functional utility of spaces, aligning with the progressive needs of our society.

We harness the capabilities of Generative AI in-house to enhance the clients vision and overall experience during the sketching process with our artists.

Building a Community of Innovation

Our team, a vibrant collective of artists, designers, and technologists, is the core of Griffin Glass's innovative thrust. This collaborative environment fosters a culture of creativity and exploration, pushing the boundaries of traditional glassmaking. We extend an invitation to architects, designers, and glass enthusiasts to join our community, encouraging a collective reimagination of glass's potential in design.

We've adopted computational tools that assist the artists both in precision of glass cuts and production time.

A Call to Shape the Future Together

Griffin Glass is more than a creator of glass solutions; we are pioneers of new design and architectural experiences. We invite you to follow our journey, interact with our creations, and discover the expansive possibilities of glass. Together, we can transform not just spaces, but perspectives, envisioning a future where glass is central to our built environment's design.

With Gratitude

To our community of supporters, collaborators, and visionaries: Your engagement with Griffin Glass inspires our continual pursuit of innovation and excellence. We are profoundly thankful for your trust in our vision and your role in our ongoing narrative. Thank you for joining us in this thrilling exploration of glass and design.


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