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Expertise & Projects

We celebrate the versatility of glass in illuminating our surroundings.

Discover how our innovative solutions harness the transformative power of glass to infuse light into diverse spaces, enhancing ambiance and functionality.


Arts and Culture

Elevating spaces with bespoke glass solutions, intertwining artistry and function to inspire creativity and evoke emotion.


Hotels and Resorts

Crafting luxurious glass elements that enhance guest experiences, blending elegance and durability for hospitality environments.



Delivering innovative glass solutions tailored to corporate settings, fostering productivity and sophistication in professional spaces.



Providing safe and hygienic glass solutions, prioritizing functionality and aesthetics to promote healing and well-being.



Enhancing learning environments with custom glass features, fostering inspiration and collaboration in educational spaces.



Tailoring exquisite glass solutions for homes, blending style and functionality to create spaces that reflect individual tastes and lifestyles.


Pagoda by
James Jean

A 4-year project merging art, engineering, architecture, and design to bring James Jean's art into a unique experience.

Second Nature: 3D + AI

New workflow that merges LiDAR and AI to bring the most detailed textures of nature into our built environment through glass.

Hotel Bar
Conceptual Art

Take a look at how we use custom AI models to bring clients vision to life. 

Creative Agency HQ

One of our first iterations with emerging technologies, creating unique experiences for a unique client.

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